SAT stands for me (Samantha Anne Thomas)

Virabhadrasana II


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Fresh Fengi Shui

As mother’s day quickly approaches, I cannot help but account my endless need to rearrange my living space to my mother. She is a mover and shaker when it comes … Continue reading

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Living Seas

best day ever. Kai and I were peacefully reading in the evening sun at North Beach when a man approach asking if we saw where the seal went? We gazed … Continue reading

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California Dreamin’

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Pyramid Peak

Hovering above the sparkling blue waters of Crescent Lake, sits one of two of the original thirteen cabins built in the Olympics, to spot enemy aircraft during WWII. The views … Continue reading

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Our Sahara

Oregon Sand Dunes. The product of the forces of wind, water and time. Wind-sculptures of our Sahara, North America’s largest expanse of coastal sand dunes:

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Spring Flight

Alarm clock sounding. 5:40 am. The stars overhead showing off their last glimmer of brightness; the last moments of morning silence coming to a close. Synchronized the class began to … Continue reading

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Irish Times

St. Patrick’s Day.  People flood the streets to drink and sport their patch of green,  so not to be pinched or flogged as non-irish. In Port Townsend  it may be … Continue reading

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Searching. Sorting.

Once again I found myself walking down the beach, feasting my eyes on the shore ahead, in search for the glimmer of glass to catch my eye. Why do I … Continue reading

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Morning Song

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter. Fog horn; ship out at sea.  crow. croak. chirp. Pitter-patter, pitter-patter.

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