SAT stands for me (Samantha Anne Thomas)


So I begin…


I have officially folded. Hello blogosphere. In my quest to learn about a new place, plan and peruse my next move and stay connected I am writing to you.

As a twenty-something, I have hit my quarter-life crisis. Like many, after finishing my undergrad (in debt), serving two consecutive years in AmeriCorps and still feeling a bit lost in the current economic state, I have decided to take new actions.

I take bold risks (often uncalculated, one day I will hire a good acutary) because I value process, engaging and possibilities. Often, I am over-saturated with ideas and ideologies so I am investing time in focusing my vision.  I am finally putting my free-spirit and passions into action.

This equates to:
1) packing a few things and moving
2) achieving creative endeavors
3) continuing to support education reform
4) engaging in my inquiry of place: the natural, built and cultural.
5) lastly, supporting a guy, named Kai, who builds wooden boats.

So I begin…
This is an investigation of my daily observations and musings. With the theme of the relativity of color; a color has many faces. See picture below.  (adapted from Josef Albers, Interaction of Color)

In the image above the upper small and lower small squares are the same color. And no human eye is able to see both squares – alike.


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