SAT stands for me (Samantha Anne Thomas)

About Me

SATurable: the anthropology of hue. This is an investigation of my daily work and musings through the relativity of color and its defining impressions it leaves of people and landscape.

SAT stands for me (Samantha Anne Thomas).

I come from the Midwest atop the limestone bluffs of the Mississippi River. A St. Paulian. It is not an exotic place. An aerial view of the Twin Cities would show rectangular structures lining a curvilinear waterway speckled with patches of green and dots of blue. Upon a closer look at the nature and breadth of the Twin Cities reveals a unique confluence of geography and social history that drives both commerce and culture.  Once a frontier inhabited largely by the Dakota, a river navigated by Zebulon Pike, and now home to the largest Somali refugee/immigrant population in the United States. The Twin Cities demonstrates its fluidity to change. The Mississippi River runs through us all.

Running along East River Road one morning a huge eagle came swooping down 10 ft from my head. That moment reminded me of the contrast and integration of the built and natural landscape. More importantly, the eagle was a symbol of resiliency and dignity. A visionary, a travelory, the confident lost wanderer.

I’ll try to imitate.


One comment on “About Me

  1. Madame K
    February 2, 2012

    no place is exotic to those who are from there….

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