SAT stands for me (Samantha Anne Thomas)

Fresh Fengi Shui

As mother’s day quickly approaches, I cannot help but account my endless need to rearrange my living space to my mother. She is a mover and shaker when it comes to changing the feng shui of her house, our family cabin, or with a call, anyone’s home.  Intrinsically, I became very aware of the power in the energies of space. Whenever I am feeling off balance I do one of two things:

1. go for a walk/run


2. rearrange/redecorate my living space.

Circle 2.  On a gloomy PacNW day I was feeling a deep unbalance in our living space, also my work space. Tent, tarp, and other traps were strewn about from two weekends-ago camping trip, the house was long overdue for a clean, but is was also lacking brightness, happiness and warmth. I needed to rejuvenate the space stat.

I  set off to the local thrift store, hoping to find inspiration, when I stumbled upon a patterned fabric of electric properties. I unraveled it and saw tablecloth. Living on a dime, this was a cheap, quick and easy solution to add some fire to our space with it’s strong yellows, oranges, and pinks, a splash of white to support creative endeavors, and the wavy pattern to bring movement to the space.


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