SAT stands for me (Samantha Anne Thomas)

Pyramid Peak

Pyramid Peak: 3,000ft summit. 3.5 mi to summit. elevation gain 2,400ft.

Hovering above the sparkling blue waters of Crescent Lake, sits one of two of the original thirteen cabins built in the Olympics, to spot enemy aircraft during WWII. The views are breathtaking. The hike challenging, especially, traversing the landslide area (pictured below). Scraped bare of vegetation, the slide is highly exposed, the trail is barely visible and in some places only a few inches wide. I realized I may suffer slight vertigo. I held my breath as I crossed, with each foot placement sand slid from underfoot and rock shards tumbled down from above.

Once across, the views were worth the adrenaline rush from fear. The gradating colors of the crystal blue-green waters with simmering shades of Yves blue kept me gazing down.

Kai crossing landslide.

View of Pyramid Peak and landslide area.


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