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Rockhounding or amateur geology –  where the layperson can enter the world of geology, mineralogy, petrology or simply collect a spectrum of rocks for one’s windowsill.

I am lured by the luster of stones as they lay moist on the shore. Upon closer examination, a rock, can begin to tell you the history of the land’s formation and often takes a deeper meaning in cultural contexts. Take the Jaspers i found.

After consulting my geologist friend, we came to the conclusion that (these pictured) are Poppy Jaspers. As indicated by the orbicular red that is from sun-dried and oxidized iron-rich clays.  Over time, the cracks have been filled with other substances.

Culturally rocks/gemstones take on different healing  properties and powers. Poppy Jasper is believed to be energizing and awaking of the body feeding to a positive, joyful attitude, and gives to creative action – encouraging a deep connection with the life of Earth.


One comment on “Rockhounding

  1. Rita
    February 11, 2012

    These are amazing Jaspers. Great pictures too!

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